Do we have the right to appeal the Expert Opinion result?

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As we have stated many times before, the recognition processes and reports prepared through the gutachter (expert person) show serious deviations between different experts in the same state as well as between states!

So, what can be done about this?

Once you have received the Expert’s report, you have the right to object to it.

Since it is generally not appropriate for you to contact the Expert directly, the appeal process should be carried out with the help of a lawyer through the officer conducting your recognition procedures.

Since the appeal process will be carried out with the help of a lawyer, this decision should be well thought out to whether incur this cost or not. Many of our doctors, who were not satisfied with the results of the Expert Opinion and who were thinking of making an objection, asked us to examine the reports and evaluate the possibility of getting a positive outcome from the objection process before going on this costly and lengthy road.

If you would like us to review your Expert’s report and advise you on whether to initiate a legal appeal process, you can contact us..

After you receive the Expert’s report, it is your right to object to this report directly, as well as to complete the deficiencies specified in the report by submitting additional documents.

In our previous article, we informed you about the Expert Opinion Simulation, which we conduct under the consultancy of German experts. You can find our other blog post about Gutachten (Expert Opinion) simulation here..

Our German expert consultants examine your expert opinion report and inform you with which documents you may be able to resolve your identified deficiencies.

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