Gutachten (Expert Opinion) Simulation

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Both the equivalency of your medical education to a medical school program in Germany
and the decision of your fate in the recognition process of your specialty education in Germany are given by the
expert person. It would be delusional to expect the expert opinion process to be one hundred percent objective and standard.
Even if we leave aside that Germany consists of 16 separate states working as a country in itself,
there is also a very serious difference in method and evaluation weighing among experts who do normal and express evaluation (€550 process lasting up to 5 months or €1450 for
a process concluding in 5 weeks).

So, while this is the case, does it make sense to choose this process called
Gleichwertigkeitsprüfung (verification of equivalency)?

To answer this question without mixing our feelings,
the experts we consult analyzed how the expert person thinks and how we can positively affect their opinion using the application file of each client.
The main factors
for recognition without exams are: detailed course transcript from your medical school,
your assistant training and your work experience after graduation.
For specialty recognition without exam the factors are: your assistant training report, and your work experience as a specialist doctor.

What are the benefits of Expert Opinion Simulation?

Expert Opinion Simulation determines the deficiencies
12 months in advance that the expert person will detect that prevents you from obtaining equivalence without an examination.
The conscious and effective use of this period to overcome the medical school recognition
and expertise recognition processes in Germany, will return to you as money,
time and energy.


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