Salaries are good but Switzerland is too expensive (is it?)

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We previously explained that 43 percent of German doctors who preferred to work abroad chose Switzerland and the reasons for this together with the differences between health systems. 

True, Switzerland is really not a cheap country. Yet doctors who completed their recognition process in Germany together with those still working in Turkey, are having difficulty to decide, although they want to pursue their careers in Switzerland. They think that the high cost of living makes high salaries meaningless, and question whether Germany, as a more social state, would be more suitable for them.

Let's make an analysis on a family with two children living on a single salary ,based on numbers, not feelings.

In Germany, an average specialist earns a minimum net income of €4,000 excluding overtime (Net income is calculated for the tax class in this example.)

In Switzerland, the average specialist earns a minimum of 10,000 CHF, excluding overtime and year-end bonuses.

(These are average numbers; it is of course possible to earn more in both countries.)

If we examine several categories of expenses: 

1. Accommodation

For state capitals in Germany, a purchase price of €600,000 would be reasonable for a 3 bedroom 120m2 apartment near the city center. We can expect 1,200,000 CHF in Switzerland for a similar apartment.

While it is common for you to pay your home loan in Germany within 30 years, banks in Switzerland expect you to pay a total of 35 percent of your home's value in 15 years, and if you don't want to pay the remaining 65 percent you can pay the interest alone. (Don't forget to attend our Medical Seminar in Switzerland for more details)

Your monthly home instalment will be around 1,500 Euros in Germany and 1,650 Francs in Switzerland.

[1500 EUR - 1650 CHF]

2. Basic living expenses

It is worth mentioning a few indexes in this regard, namely Cola and Starbucks index.

Cola Index

Both indices show that basic living expenses are 70% more expensive in Switzerland. (We can say its approximately twice as much.)

In other words, your monthly kitchen expenses, which are 750 Euros in Germany, can be considered as 1500 Francs in Switzerland. 

One solution is to make large purchases from Germany, France and Italy. Many Swiss people make their monthly purchases in a neighbouring country one hour away. 

But we will not take this advantage into account so that the comparison does not cause controversy.

[2250 EUR – 3150 CHF]

3. Education

Kindergarten fees starting at the age of 3 in Germany are around 400 Euros. For the primary school starting from the age of 6, if a good bilingual school is chosen, the monthly fee varies between 550 € and 900 €. A safe estimate is a minimum of € 1,000 tuition fees for two children.

In Switzerland, compulsory education starting at the age of 4 is free.

[3250 EUR – 3150 CHF]

4. Service industry

Both dining out and support with household chores are 50% more expensive in Switzerland. 

500 € for Germany, 750 francs for Switzerland!

[3750 EUR – 3800 CHF]

5. Health insurance

Although private health insurance is not recommended for a family with two children with a single salary in Germany, it would be correct to add additional private insurance to the state health insurance for trips abroad and extra services. In Switzerland, the private health insurance cost of a family with two children is around 1250 Francs.

[4150 EUR – 5050 CHF]

So what will we achieve after 15 years of work?

You can live a calm, civilized and peaceful life in Germany for 4,000 €, paying the instalment of your own home (~ 35%) and have a nice holiday for a few months each year.

With an income of 10,000 CHF in Switzerland, you will have fully completed the compulsory payment for your home in 15 years and have saved almost 1,000,000 CHF. 

If you want to drop everything and settle in an Aegean coastal town at once, you can have 3,000 Francs rental income from Switzerland while your rental income in Germany will still be paying your house mortgage instalment.

My wife does not know German, or does not have enough work experience in Turkey?

Working without knowing German is much more common in Switzerland than in Germany. Part-time jobs can be found, especially with intermediate English. Keeping in mind that the minimum wage is 25 CHF / hour, a considerable additional income may be possible by working in tasks such as reception and library for 20 hours a week. While working full time in Germany you will earn only a third of what you earn in 20 hours in Switzerland.

What will we talk about what in our next articles;

What is Welteinkommensprinzip (principle of global income)?

The education system, stability, direct democracy...

Authentication? Notary Approval? Legalisation?

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What documents are required for your application file? In fact, there are many issues you should think about before that.

In which state do you want to live? Even more difficult is the decision of whether you want to practice with Berufserlaubnis (work permit) or with Approbation (medical degree recognition).

If you are going for the medical degree recognition process, the next strategic choice will be to try your luck with the Kenntnisprüfung (medical science exam) or the Gleichwertigkeitsprüfung (verification of equivalency). Gleichwertigkeitsprüfung (bilir kişi ile denklik değerlendirilmesi) yolunu mu tercih edeceksiniz.

When you make the choices, the documents necessary for the next 12 months will be clear. The next step is to collect the required documents, some of them need legalized sworn translations in German, while some of them need to be notarized and authenticated...

What does Beglaubigung (Authentication) you hear often mean?

You can think of its Turkish as notarized. To send sealed and signed documents such as diplomas, transcripts and reference letters, the photocopy of the original document is checked to confirm that they are identical to the original document by Bürgerbüro in Germany and notaries in Turkey. These certified photocopies are called "Beglaubigte Kopie" (authentic copy) in German.

The rule you should never forget; The documents you send for application will not be returned to you after the German or Swiss accreditation process!

So, in what order should we prepare the documents in our application file?

(1) Tahsin Kerimoğlu firstly takes his Hacettepe Faculty of Medicine Diploma, which he graduated in 2016, and the photocopies to the notary public. After authentication, the job is finished with the original diploma, and can continue to be stored in a safe place.

(2) The next step of notarized photocopies is the legalization.

(3) After the legalized documents are translated by a sworn translator, they can be sent to the relevant institution with your application file.

(4) Or our suggestion: Since you spent so much time, effort and money on legalization and sworn translation of your original document, keep these documents to yourself instead of distributing them to institutions. (Remember they will not be returned to you after your application!) Have the documents authenticated by Bürgerbüro (for those who reside in Germany) or by the consulates (for those residing in Turkey) at a small fee and distribute these to the relevant institutions.

Why do even German doctors want to work in Switzerland?

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In order to give a clear answer to this question, we first need to examine the details of state and private health insurances in the German health system. Everybody working on salary in Germany is obliged to pay a state health insurance premium of about 15 percent of their salary. Almost half of this amount is paid by the employer. How is the state health insurance calculated for a single person whose salary is at the upper ceiling and earns about 60 thousand euros; It is calculated in the same way as for a family living on minimum wage and with children. In other words, the single employee who pays 900 euros premium, and every member of the family with 5 children, where only the father or the mother pays 300 euros, benefit from the same health system with the same rights. 

Above the lower limit, called Beitragsbemessungsgrenze (contribution assessment ceiling), where you have the right to pass to private health insurance, you can get a price from one of dozens of private health insurances, taking into account your age and health status. Private health insurances both provide services that the state health insurance cannot provide for working individuals and their monthly premiums are much lower. Another advantage is that it allows your pension to be paid at 7% higher. Only 10% of the population in Germany benefits from private health insurance.  

So, what is the relationship between all this and German doctors' desire to practice medicine in Switzerland? 

The total premium and the average budget per capital for state health insurance put serious restrictions on the bills that doctors can charge per patient. Due to recommended options especially for routine controls and non-emergency situations, doctors can only invoice state insurance patients who come with the same complaint once in a 3-month period. 

If you wish, let's explain with a simple example: A family physician looks at an average of 40 patients a day, and if it is considered that these patients come back again with complaints such as cough and fever during the winter months, the number of new patients examined per day decreases to 30. The examination fee for the state insured patient is around €35.

30 patients x €35 = €1050

If the patients of the same doctor have private health insurance, a new invoice is issued for each examination and this invoice can increase up to 3.5 times in proportion to the experience of the doctor.

40 patients x €105 = €4200

The Swiss health system on the other hand is based on the fact that every individual living in Switzerland has private health insurance. Therefore, both doctors with private practice and salaried doctors bill their services at much higher prices. As important as high income, another attractive factor is the world-famous free Swiss education system, where children at the age of 4 start compulsory education. Switzerland; It is a country in the heart of Europe, governed by direct democracy, politically and economically stable with the advantage of not being in the European Union, and offering extra advantages with low tax rates.  

These benefits are not only limited to your monthly income but are far beyond Germany in terms of attractive real estate investment alternatives and passive income during your retirement.  

With the Welteinkommenprinzip (principle of global income), your income across the world must also be taxed in Germany as long as you live in Germany. We will go into the details of this subject in a separate article... Welteinkommenprinzip ile bütün dünyadaki gelirlerinizin Almanya’da vergilendirilmesi de ayrıca zorunludur. Bu konunun detaylarına ayrı bir yazımızda gireceğiz… 

Why should I work with consultants to gain recognition in Germany?

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Why do I need a consultant? Am I self-sufficient?  

If you want to answer this question, let's start at the end: What can the consultant achieve that you could not achieve on your own?

First of all, everyone excels in the work they are experts in, by going through the same processes over and over again, learning from the mistakes they make, and recognizing the risks beforehand. The consultant allows you to navigate in a language that is not your mother tongue, in transactions you have never done before, and in a country whose dynamics you do not know, without hitting walls. The consultant goes through a process that you will go through for the first and last time in your life, many times every month. While you evaluate your personal situation from your own frame with the disinformation you hear from your environment, the consultant analyzes every clients processes with experienced special frames. Overtime, even the smoothest-running equivalence process in Germany is around a cumulative 200 hours. For someone who has never experienced this process and whose language proficiency is not at the mother tongue level, this period can easily be doubled. 

A few critical questions for consulting performance are important for assessing your personal need for consulting support;  

  1. 1. Does the consultancy support you receive offer added value that you cannot create on your own?  

Dech Medical Recruitment,  

  • saves you up to 5000 Euros from your sworn translation costs with its own team.  
  • determines the most cost-effective and fastest recognition route in Germany with Expert Opinion simulation.  
  • makes dozens of job applications, with the machine learning based job postings database, under the management of German headhunter consultants.  
  • provides financing for a significant portion of the costs you will incur from German government institutions to practice medicine in Germany.  

2. Can you earn the cost of consultancy in the 300 hours that you will have saved by getting consultancy support? What is the worth of your time?  

3. Your German equivalence process starts from the moment you receive your A2 certificate, after 9 months it is time for your recognition application. The most important issues we need to achieve during this period are getting a German B2 certificate, preparing for the German Medical Language Exam (FSP) and, if necessary, preparing for the Medical Science Exam (KP). While you improve your German, we start your processes and move forward.   

Will your work pace, family life and personal motivation allow you to carry out your own synchronization processes with these topics that you need to prepare personally? 

You can contact us to take advantage of our services and get information.

Gutachten (Expert Opinion) Simulation

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Both the equivalency of your medical education to a medical school program in Germany
and the decision of your fate in the recognition process of your specialty education in Germany are given by the
expert person. It would be delusional to expect the expert opinion process to be one hundred percent objective and standard.
Even if we leave aside that Germany consists of 16 separate states working as a country in itself,
there is also a very serious difference in method and evaluation weighing among experts who do normal and express evaluation (€550 process lasting up to 5 months or €1450 for
a process concluding in 5 weeks).

So, while this is the case, does it make sense to choose this process called
Gleichwertigkeitsprüfung (verification of equivalency)?

To answer this question without mixing our feelings,
the experts we consult analyzed how the expert person thinks and how we can positively affect their opinion using the application file of each client.
The main factors
for recognition without exams are: detailed course transcript from your medical school,
your assistant training and your work experience after graduation.
For specialty recognition without exam the factors are: your assistant training report, and your work experience as a specialist doctor.

What are the benefits of Expert Opinion Simulation?

Expert Opinion Simulation determines the deficiencies
12 months in advance that the expert person will detect that prevents you from obtaining equivalence without an examination.
The conscious and effective use of this period to overcome the medical school recognition
and expertise recognition processes in Germany, will return to you as money,
time and energy.

Should I go to Germany after obtaining my medical speciality in Turkey?

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Many consulting us ask for details as to when is the right time to come to Germany; close to graduation from medical school, just graduated, a few years into residency or after specializing in Turkey.

This is a question that needs to be evaluated in many ways and has a clear answer for us. There are many important factors that lead to our definite opinion on this matter. To put it briefly; If the country you want to work and live in is Germany or Switzerland, every year you are not in these countries, you will fall behind your competitors in terms of your recognition of the assistant education and your medical German.
Another important factor is the loss of years towards your retirement and citizenship because you were not in Germany or Switzerland.

A recent graduate who chooses to do his assistant education in Germany, has an EU diploma at the end of 5 years, has an excellent level of German knowledge, has gained the right to pension and citizenship in Germany, has received his first flat and car, and the next step is to decide between a hospital career or opening a private clinic in Germany or moving on to Switzerland. However, doctors who live through these processes in Turkey will struggle closing the gap between specialty training and will have trouble dealing with the recognition process in Germany.

Another important issue is that in Germany, both medical education recognition and speciality education recognition are getting harder with each passing year.

Don't miss the opportunity to take advantage of the immigration law, which was enacted in order to close the existing qualified employee gap.

Advantages of practicing medicine in Germany

You can join our Telegram group, where we share information about the Approbation (medical degree recognition) process! Here

We have compiled the advantages of living in Germany for our doctors who are hesitant about moving to Germany.

In recent years, the number of doctors who have moved to Germany has been increasing. So why do many doctors choose to work in Germany?

  • Weekly working hours are less than in most countries.
  • Doctors are less tired because they work with a shift system instead of continuous overtime.
  • Since it is a country with high purchasing power, your earnings are much more valuable and your life quality is higher.
  • Thanks to government support, it is much less expensive to start a family.

Can, anyone who wants to, move to Germany?

Although it may seem like a difficult process, if the necessary steps are followed correctly, anyone who wants can get the medical degree recognition and continue their career in Germany. By getting consultancy from us, you can complete this process in the shortest way and reduce your costs. In this process, what is expected of you is perfectly simple.

  • You must have a German B2 diploma. Even if you have not received your diploma yet, your only task is to improve your German while we are running your process.
  • You complete the documents we request from you.
  • Decide on the state you want to move to.

Once you fulfill these items, we take care of all your transactions for you, get your recognition and find a job that suits you. You can contact us for more information .

Do we have the right to appeal the Expert Opinion result?

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As we have stated many times before, the recognition processes and reports prepared through the gutachter (expert person) show serious deviations between different experts in the same state as well as between states!

So, what can be done about this?

Once you have received the Expert’s report, you have the right to object to it.

Since it is generally not appropriate for you to contact the Expert directly, the appeal process should be carried out with the help of a lawyer through the officer conducting your recognition procedures.

Since the appeal process will be carried out with the help of a lawyer, this decision should be well thought out to whether incur this cost or not. Many of our doctors, who were not satisfied with the results of the Expert Opinion and who were thinking of making an objection, asked us to examine the reports and evaluate the possibility of getting a positive outcome from the objection process before going on this costly and lengthy road.

If you would like us to review your Expert’s report and advise you on whether to initiate a legal appeal process, you can contact us..

After you receive the Expert’s report, it is your right to object to this report directly, as well as to complete the deficiencies specified in the report by submitting additional documents.

In our previous article, we informed you about the Expert Opinion Simulation, which we conduct under the consultancy of German experts. You can find our other blog post about Gutachten (Expert Opinion) simulation here..

Our German expert consultants examine your expert opinion report and inform you with which documents you may be able to resolve your identified deficiencies.