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What is DECH Scholarship?

We are always there to support you, our doctors, so that your dreams are not interrupted.

DECH was established to assist and guide doctors who want to practice their profession abroad due to difficult working conditions or family reasons and has three main objectives.

  • Less Expense: Settling abroad, having the necessary documents translated for German approval and attending courses can be a heavy financial burden. As Dech, our aim is to minimize the cost of equivalency procedures in Germany and Switzerland.

  • Faster Process: Studying and obtaining medical accreditation in Germany can turn into a very long and arduous process. There is a lot of information pollution and it is almost impossible to learn all processes from scratch to the finest details. With our experienced team, we manage all your personal processes meticulously and increase your chance of finding a job in Germany by using Big Data and Machine Learning technologies in your job applications.

  • Less Frustration Thanks to our large partnerships, we can run your process from A to Z. With our language courses, sworn translators in Germany, TELC courses and test centers, we support you from the very beginning of the process to your move to Germany.

We know how difficult all these processes are and we support one very successful medical graduates who wants to become a doctor in Germany every month, without consultation fees.

Candidates who would like to benefit from DECH scholarship and receive free consultation can apply by sending their Cv’s, transcripts and motivational letters describing themselves to

Read our blog posts and learn more about the Approbation (medical degree recognition) process!

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